The Walls of Chaco...


Last weekend we took a road trip through the Navajo Reservation, a 450 mile trek. One of our main destinations was Chaco Canyon Historical Park...



Chaco Canyon, the great Ancestral Pueblo, aka Anasazi site,  a contemporary of the Mesa Verde Ruins in Colorado, sits in the middle of the middle of nowhere. Those dash roads are dirt, and washboard and debateable in bad weather...

from  NPS/ Chaco

Twenty plus miles on dirt, dipping in and out of arroyos, then you hit the park boundaries and you have six miles of paved road... 


a little visitor center with warm water restrooms, a long one way loop paved road of surreal ruins in a rock strewn valley where  PUEBLO BONITO is the grandest of them all...


To say a bit of  controversy surrounds Pueblo Bonito, the Park Service, National Geographic, The Smithsonian, The Cowboy/ Archaeologist Richard Wetherill  and  other institutions and private scholars would be a gross understatement, But is the great pueblo, with a little bit of photographic enhancement to bring out the color of  the stone, the light, the shadows, the doorways and windows and a bit of art made over 1,000 years ago.

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