Kelly Lewis and KB Lewis are the pen name of artist Julia Kelly. Kelly and Lewis coming from my husband’s family and the B, from her maiden name, because his family names are cooler than mine.

Why pen names? To make things more clear, or more complicated for me, having multiply identities online- Julia Kelly and Moonflower Studio for my art and Kelly Lewis, KB Lewis for my writing. Plus oddly there is a whole lot of writers names Julia Kelly or some very close version of both the Julia, Julie, Juliette, etc. and K last names.

Why two pen names? Especially since I haven’t even published a book yet? I’m working on two books, both at various stages, one on its lost count edit and one brand new.

Think it will shake out like this- Kelly Lewis for Historical and Women’s fiction and KB Lewis for Modern Fantasy. One lighter and one more serious. Both set in the Four Corners region of where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona come together.

Traditional or Self Published? The internet and on demand publishing are two “inventions” that have come at the perfect time for me. I am thankful when I was a young mom, raising my daughters I only had a quiet place to raise them and hone my craft. I was way to uncool to be putting my daily life up on a “mommy blog”. Now, they are off exploring the world and I can stay still here, making art and writing with hay field and forest out my windows, the San Juan Mountains, and Mesa Verde, I can still interact with many across the globe and make and sell my own “wares” the way I like.

Why here? Over the years the geology and people of the Four Corners has inspired my art and my writing. I think not growing up here makes me more aware of the uniqueness of this region where canyons go down between mesas instead of up between mountains and both outlaws and zealots have come to live with little notice. I was born in Boulder, lived in Aspen but spent most of my childhood in Northern Colorado where I followed my brother around the foothills of the Rockies behind my grandmother’s cabin. Coming to the West Slope of Colorado to go to Art School I met my husband, a local boy, and the journey began with a puppy, a rundown Victorian shack in need of renovation and motherhood.

In fact, a foray to the red canyon country near Moab, Utah  which ended in  a quiet car of exhausted children driving back to Colorado and a used history book on polygamy from  one of the small river town's bookstores and a article on how during World War 2, the government sent geologists on a secret mission to find uranium for the bomb sparked my historical fiction, MOONFLOWER.  


Kelly Lewis  is the pen name of  avid photographer and textile artist Julia Kelly, ( who now, for almost twenty five years, lives and works on the edge of a canyon near the Four Corners of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona, on an old homestead surrounded by hundred year old fruit trees  and outbuildings. Though their children are near grown, being caretakers of a menagerie of cows, chickens, dogs and other creatures continues.